The New Definition Of Hospitality: High-tec And Friendly Communication

The hospitality industry, in the age of artificial intelligence,is continuously changing and is rapidly becoming high-tech.  Benefits are both brought on guests and certain for vendors. Generally speaking, it has been improve the customer experience, particularly through the use of data collected by using the various technologies. How does the technology have been improved the hospitality experience?



Since the early days of hospitality, the industry has operated on the principle of customer service before everything else.In the past days guests would have absolutely-satisfied service from reception, a personal service from a friendly concierge and nice and hospitable service from hotel staffs. All these experience have made guest's experience unique and fulfilling.

With the bombard of technology, many activities previously performed by live humans have been replaced by automatic and intelligent methods, mainly in the attempt to streamline functionality and improve service. Do these changes enhance the guest's experience? Is it still fulfilling the meaning of the word "hospitality" in such robotic process when friendly check-in is replaced by automatic identification, or when luggage is transferred and delivered by silent machine istead of nice concierge? 


Such changes owed to smart appliance that widely used in houses and homes. As homes have been revolutionized through the implementation of smart technology, high-end accommodations are expected to be widely available. The humanized service of hospitality should be combined with high-tec service and interpersonal communication. The new definition of hospitality is to balance and combine both advantages of high-efficiency and commnuication.

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