Clean And Clear---Home Interior Advice

Apart from the initial excitement, designing your space could be a long and mentally exhausting process. Between budget restrictions and endless decisions made over long periods of time, you may be easily to get a little bit lost. Online or magazine inspiration can only do so much when you find yourself sitting on a worn-out sofa for almost 3 years all because you're  saving up for the perfect lounger.


Be Organised. Clear out the clutter and keep it in mind. If there's anything useless or you don't like, clean up or donate it. It's always good to get a fresh start with a clean eye. Cleaning your space will open up new possibilities for design layouts and give you peace of mind.



Bring the nature in. Place some plants at home. Bringing the green in can light up your mood. Plants bring in colour and give an organic, fresh element to a room. Consider fresh tree leaves to finish your living room next to the sofa chair or succulents on an end table.


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