The Problems with Height-adjustable Desks

A growing trend toward ergonomic office furniture has been taken in the industry for the past two decades. One piece of furniture that has grown in popularity is height-adjustable desk.Many new designs that have added features making your choice better than ever. There are some problems are coming out when people are using it. Height-adjustable tables might be commomly good for many office users, but there are some of problems and offer solutions to make the transition easier. 

While height adjustable desks can increase productivity and offer other benefits to users, if he or she properly used in the right way, there can be some challenges when making the transition. We conclude the below commom problems that you may encounter while in your usage. 

Problem 1 Standing too long 

The design purpose of height-adjustable table is for reducing the seating time for workers by making them stand more than sit. However, this may result a wrong idea to some office workers that the more they stand, the more they will benefit. But attampting to stand for the full workday is jsut a harmful as sitting all day. Some researches point out that " OCCUPATIONS INVOLVING PREDOMINANTLY STANDING WERE ASSOCIATED WITH A POSSIBLE RISK OF HEART DISEASE COMPARED  WITH OCCUPATIONS INVOLVING PRODOMINANTLY SITTING." Standing for too long while can put more strain and pressure on our back, legs and feet. 

Users should be reasonabel to balance the sitting and standing time at work. For example, if you have been sitting for 1 hour, then you can stand up for half hour. Control the cycle according to your personal preference and body condition.

Problem 2  Give up standing and back for sitting

It takes a commitment and stamina to get through the initially uncomfortable aspects of switching to be successful. As a result, many users give up. Studies performed at Cornell University showed that the use of sit-stand workstations declines after about a month. Many people give up and return to sitting.

This problem is particularly prominent when an organization decides to roll out height-adjustable desks to all its employees.  Without the right training, your team may not bother to adopt their new height-adjustable desk.

Sometimes it happens that users are not familiar with a new uplifting table, they find it difficult to switch. As a result,they give up using table with height-adjusting. Staticstis shows that these people will give up and return to sit again. 

Particularly, some companies or organisations directly made a decision for using adjustable desks without traning their employees.The lack of training emmployees,however,have no idea or habits to switch while they are working, and this is awful. They are not familiar to adopt the height-adjustable desk. The hope to figure it but also at the same time believing that is really wasting of time.



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