Case Study: M Hotel Interior Project

The design approach of contemporary luxury hotels were mostly inspired by a study of the location and history of the building and by people's memories,the unique set of dynamic elements that have always been a feature of the life of the city: the interaction of the local culture with the most diverse range of cultures, which has always been characterised by an emphasis on humanity, and local dynamic, positive lifestyle, to present an excellence in its welcome and elegant hospitality. All these elements are at the heart of the design process, they are the starting point for the colours, materials and formal aspects of the work that aimed to accomplish. 

This is how our team collectively work at the project of M hotel. 

The main lobby we obtained from the recollections of individuals and the community at large was essential for identifying the new structure of the building that needed to be rendered more functional.Luxury hotels are not just overwhelmed by splendid interior finishing. The combination of the western columns and oriental decorations shows more artful hospitality.

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The design studio also curated a unique collection of more than 600 art pieces, from paintings, sculptures and pictures, from metal to wood, famous and individual in the main lounge area. The interiors feature distinct references to the elegance of the combination of retro and contemporary, brought to life by furnishings that have been exclusively created by designers and craftsmen.

Metals, wood, glass are just some of the materials used for the artworks, which relate with hotel interiors as well in every single room.

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Architectures are focusing on cultural arts, fashion and local events, architects are devoting to creat a place linked to these cultural essence. 

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