Public Furniture matters more in daily life

Generally speaking, the design of this kind of public furniture has a strictly defined scope. It has to be weather-resistant, easy to install, and no need for maintenance. Public furniture, which also commonly called outdoor and street furniture, has an established typology – all about outdoor tables,benches and seats. People-friendly furniture in public places matters more than ever in cities.

Cities are facing the same problems: the increasing urbanisation and more expensive apartment with higher prices are reshaping our access to and use of urban space. However, people could not always staying in their rooms. If people can’t spend time in their flat, or because it is too crowded, too noisy or not safe enough, students would like to stay in public spaces like libraries, old people would like to hang out in parks; the young generations like wandering in shopping malls. People now prefer to walk in the street, plazas and parks, places that are open and wide. 

For example, people should have access to facilities to carry out basic healthy living practices. Furnishing a public space with new public appliances.  The opportunities for a smart city are not just large-scale infrastructure, public transport and traffic monitoring, but also exist at a finer-grained level.

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