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Retro Makes a Comeback

Retro and vintage style are often combined or bridge to each other. These two styles can and mostly do frequently cross over. Compared with the contemporary interior which is functional preferring, there's nothing easygoing or casual about retro-style decorating.


Velvet is making its way back into interior design and quite steadily. It's the significant of retro style. The luxurious look and feel of the fabric is slowly taking over as the best upholstery to opt for. The most popular item, velvet, with vintage floral prints are making a huge comeback too. The refined texture and softness make velvet welcomed by elegant elements.


In retro style, bright colours are often boldly used. Yellow, red, blue are the favourable darlings of interior designers. There is no such term as“furniture complex" by the retro interior design. Buildings were filled with items, which were incompatible at a first glance, rather functional and comfortable, retro style is focusing on visually elegant and graceful. 

Vintage style furniture has an abstract feel to it. Sofas are broad and elongated with multi-colored throw pillows for an added dash of colour. Metal and leather could be combinedly used for dining chairs or armchairs.



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