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Start Up Your Restaurant

Less is more, a simplicity style is the cornerstone of a successful restaurant.A sophisticated interior plan is the secret to great guest experiences. For years, Union Star has growing professional teams that are passionate about achieving consistently great food and delivering warm hospitality. As one of the furniture component manufacturer in the past 28 years, we realised that customers need are growing bigger, from furniture accessories to full set customed furniture, from products to services.Union Star has been kepting efforts on improving capacity of production and services. That's why we chose hospitatliy industry. We had various commercial contractor who used to purchase products from us. Now we had a good business relationship with new restaurants becuase our experience uniquely positions us to deliver outstanding services for you. 

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The most successful restaurants should begin with a big idea and an efficient approach. The most successful restaurants begin with a big idea and a disciplined approach, culinary expertise and operational excellence. We provide a comprehensive concept development process that defines the details of your new brand with a resulting package of documentation that can be used for raising capital or securing favorable lease terms. 

The restaurant business has a set of challenges that must be addressed from the earliest stage.New restaurants must take advantage of market trends, meanwhile be prepared to anticipate some upcoming difficulties. Simply to speak, you should consider the interior style, furnishing works, upcoming will be how to run the restaurant well by marketing and branding,in order to make your restaurant working on an expected way. In such a competitive environment,self-own brand is essential that connects with your core customers  on an emotional level to  break through in your market.

As the key part of hospitality industry, restaurant industry continues to evolve and expand, inspiring investors would like to enter this market.The key to a successful new restaurant is in details, which you can gain your guests loyalty from. From the lighting to the floor, furnitures to decorations, everywhere is full of details. Try to tell some stories in these details. Those should be in the form of telling your customers something related to your idea, your thoughts or experience. 

In addition to helping you develop your concept, Union Star can facilitate each step of the startup process, generating everything from the furniture equipments, restaurant branding, section designs and management arranging.

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